Easy Breezy DIY Reclaimed wood Coffee Table That Steals Attention

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Reclaimed wood coffee table could be a nice idea to renew the look of your home decoration. We all know that property is one of important things in decorating the room. The good coffee table, as the one of room properties will give the comfortable sense in your family room, so you could get the nice place to stay there. In other hand, doing the reclaimed idea in making coffee table is also good in order to utilize unused things around your home. 

In some points below, we will show how to make the reclaimed wood coffee table, which you could do in your home. The DIY simple steps here will inspire you to make a good coffee table with your own creation. I am sure that your coffee table will be special and will never be found in common market.  

Easy Ways to Make Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Getting the woods

Well, the first step, which you need to do in making the reclaimed wood coffee table, is getting the woods. Start to check your barn and find some woods. Maybe, inside your barn, there are some unused woods with good condition, which could be used to make the coffee table. In other hand, you are also able to use the ex-gate wood to make the coffee table. As long as the wood is still good and free from termite, you can use it. This wood is used to make the tabletop.

Taking legs for table

After getting some woods for the surface of table, here you need to find another material to make the legs of coffee table. As the idea that we want to make reclaimed wood coffee table, here you could find unused material to make it, such as the unused beams. Besides, when you want to get the different result in making the DIY wood coffee table, you could use such as plumbing pipes in its legs. Just follow your own creativity in finding the good material for table legs.

Assembling materials

When the materials are ready, here we could start the making process of coffee table. Use the power drill or screwdriver to help you holing the surface of table. In assembling process, it is important for you to make a unique shape of your reclaimed wood coffee table. You are free to make a square table, oval table, or other shapes. After the surface of table is finished, you could move to make another hole to place the legs. Be sure that you place the legs of table strongly.

Varnishing the table

The last step in making the DIY coffee table is varnishing the table. Varnishing is effective to make the old and unused table becoming cleaner and newer. Apply the good varnishing product here. Just be creative to renew the look of your coffee table. You could color it with the original wood color or others, as you want.

Some points above are easy ways to make the reclaimed wood coffee table. You could apply this idea to renew the look of your room with lower decorating cost. I hope it could inspire you all.

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