PewDiePie Wanna Sells His Ruby Play Button

Senin, 26 Desember 2016, Oleh: writerpas

PewDiePie is a You Tubers who has great subscribers in the world. He is a very creative person because it can make a very interesting video on the viewers with all the funny video. This time he was very popular with the extraordinary achievement that is getting ruby play button as much as 9 units, one of which are large. Surely this is a remarkable achievement. 

A very famous video creator is very like to play games and capture in a few videos. He has the characteristics of a very chatty and also expressive. Some games uploaded by him are all sorts of games from gaming very well known to the simulator. He has fans who named bro army. PewDiePie played a horror game very popular among fans and viewer for expression in playing this game is very fun and interesting. 

More recently there is news that is very surprising from this You Tubers. on a channel he had said that he would remove his account when reaching the 50 million subscriber. Elimination of this account is very surprising for the fans and his viewers. In the days and hours that he had determined to remove his channel. He has kept his word. he has deleted his account but the deleted account is open primary account yet secondary account

The latest news, he will sell about 50 million subscribers ruby play button for 200 thousand pounds, but it's still a controversy that many fans are still wondering PewDiePie reason to sell it. There are many interpretations regarding the price but it was unclear pricing and the reason he sold. He surprises his fans with a statement that would remove the channel with the channel showing the removal process. 

The reason he made one actual controversy because of YouTube policy is currently very favorable for You Tubers beginners who want to grow with a variety of standards-owned. With ruby sells newspapers play button obtained by PewDiePie fans have regretted his decision to sell the award because after all it was an achievement that has been achieved with hard work and many sacrifices she had to spend. 

It is probably just a shock that made so that the viewers much to subscribe to their accounts. By making a shocking statement this would make PewDiePie awarded a very awesome. An award which he acquired with great effort is Ruby Play Button that he get his account has the shape of a logo with a red color that looked glamorous looks very adorable.

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