8 Ways in Decorating Bedroom to Reflect Your Personality

Kamis, 22 Desember 2016, Oleh: Riko T P

In decorating room to be comfortable is not something easy. Many people are confused determine bedroom decor are gorgeous. Decorating teenagers rooms to make them feel at home in need of its own way. Especially if you are among those who quickly get bored then you has to be more creative in order to not get bored with your room design. One of the obstacles that most often appear when you want to organize a child's room is the lack of space available. Usually minimalist home has a size relatively small space. You have to be smart to draft your room interior design that seemed spacious at the same time comfortable to live.

For those of you who are looking for ideas to organize your room to look pretty then you can look for references in a variety of media. Everyone has a different character with each other. this is what we will use as the initial idea to organize the room. Each room will have a different atmosphere that adapts to each character you

Some Tips In Decorating Room to Make it as Comfort as You Want:

  • Apply a girly character by putting wallpaper which has a dominant motif in red. Select bed which has a flower detail that will enjoy your eyes. To balance the atmosphere of the room, you can use a small table and chairs minimalist white. Pretty and cute doll can also be applied to all subjects. You can choose a doll with a variety of sizes can also be used as a medium to beautify the room.
  • You can apply things related to your hobby. Hobby can be used in arranging your room. For example is a musical hobby. You can put guitar accessories hanging shelves to strengthen your character. You can also decorate the room with mural paintings shaped melodies not large.
  • Create your own creative character then can apply the interior design of shabby chic themed child's room. The colorful rooms will always make children excited through your day. Beautiful impression on the room you can come up with using elegant accessory in the form of graffiti that motivates. As with accents that embellish the rooms you can use the shoes are placed on top of wall shelves in order to appear more presentable.
  • If you are the type of person who is simple and shy then selected blue color is perfect for your wall color. You can use the bunk bed so that your room seems spacious. If you want to create the impression of a man in the room, could use accents action figure
  • Use some junk to make a decoration in your room. You can use cardboard and cardboard into a beautiful mini shelf. Mini shelf you can use this to put some of your goods in order to keep the room tidy
  • Make curtains of various crafts. For example, you can apply paper birds as a curtain
  • The use of table lamps is gorgeous and fits with your character. If you have a bold character, you can use the color red as a cover table lamp
  • You can put your favorite items or collections in a small glass cabinet that you can place it in the corner of your room to add a beautiful impression in the room

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